Perfect Is Not An Option!

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Hosts Jena Ball & Marty Keltz

Jena Ball



Jena Ball has been a freelance writer, illustrator and educator for almost 35 years. During that time she focused primarily on environmental, food and memoir writing. She also created an online writing course designed to help students labelled as “underachievers” fall in love with reading and writing stories. She accomplished this by taking them out into nature to record and reflect on their experiences.

The concept for the Not Perfect Hat Club grew out of Jena’s visits to classes with elementary and middle school children across North America during which the kids repeatedly said negative things about their work. “The kids were so hard on themselves,” says Jena. “They would say things like, ‘I can’t draw,’ or ‘my picture is ugly.’ I realized we needed to find a way to help kids set their judgments aside; to trust themselves and the creative process.”

The concept of being perfectly Not Perfect is at the heart of the NPHC project. “Everyone needs to acknowledge that perfect is not an option and that each of us is unique in terms of how we learn and what we have to contribute to the world,” says Jena. In her new book, The Not Perfect Hat Club, each of the characters faces a “Not Perfect” challenge that can only be solved by accepting help from others and admitting that perfect isn’t possible.

Jena can be found blogging at www.CritterKin.com and on Twitter @Jenaiamorane


Marty Keltz



An Emmy Award-winning producer, Marty Keltz was the co-founder and president of Scholastic Productions, Inc. (1978-1995) and a Senior Vice-President in charge of New Media at Scholastic Inc., the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. He led the teams that created The Magic School Bus on PBS, The Indian In the Cupboard, and The Babysitters Club feature films, home videos for Clifford The Big Red Dog, and more than 300 hours of television programming.

As a media producer in both the U.S. and Canada, he has worked with documentary filmmakers, visual effects companies, global brands, the Discovery Channel, and the Alliance Atlantis “Lifetime Channel for a series with True Entertainment on Doctors Without Borders. Early in his career, as publisher of Media & Methods magazine, he broke new ground with a publication for teachers with a focus on quality media products for use in the classroom. As a teacher he brought media into junior high school English classes to teach writing and story development.

Marty can be found blogging at www.CritterKin.com and on Twitter @martysnowpaw

Connectivity and a New Learning Paradigm

January 25th at 8PM Central

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Meet Dr. Gustafson



Dr. Brad Gustafson serves as principal at Greenwood Elementary in Minnesota. He believes in collaborating with others to invest in a culture where creativity is nurtured and student and staff learning is revered.

An innovative administrator, he’s pioneered efforts to transform pedagogy to reflect best practices in a digital age.  Brad is committed to leveraging technology to provide students an amplified voice, authentic audience, and global awareness.  He recently earned a Doctoral Degree in Education at Bethel University where his research focused on leadership to transform professional development in the digital age. Brad is a speaker, writer, and collaborative change-agent.


Meet Michelle Ament



If there is one thing Michelle Ament is passionate about, it is collaborating and learning from others.  As the Director of Technology & Learning for Eden Prairie Schools she leads a team of iLearn Specialists who work alongside teachers to design learning experiences for students in a 1:1 classroom. Michelle is great at “thinking outside the box” and designs and leads professional learning with a new and fresh approach. She is the co-founder of #mnlead a Twitter chat about leadership and learning. Michelle believes through the synergy created by collaboration, we will can change the world!  Although Michelle has lots of things to say on Twitter at @mlament or through her blog Luminescent Leader she is always willing to pause and learn from others, one might say she embraces a growth mindset!

Leading Change

Sunday 1/18 at 8pm Central

Michelle King


@mkingpd hosts #txeduchat

Michelle is the Executive Director of Professional Learning at the Lewisville Independent School District and is very adept at leading teaching and learning initiatives.

Michelle believes

  • in meaningful, engaging and dynamic professional learning.
  • the purpose of professional learning is to connect learners for the purpose of improving educator effectiveness.
  • effective professional learning results in increased student achievement and success.

Learn more about Michelle’s background here and follow her on Twitter.

Join us Sunday, January 18th at 8pm Central to Learn with Michelle!

Bring Your Own Device 4 Learning

Sunday, January 11th 2pm and 8pm Central

#BYOD4Lchat and #TXEDUCHAT join forces

#TXEDUCHAT has joined forces with 10 UK institutions for #BYOD4L

This open learning event runs: January 12-16th, 2015

A kick-off twitter chat combining #txeduchat and #byod4lchat at 2pm Central and again at 8pm Central Sunday, January 11, 2015 will start the week long Open Learning event.

BYOD4Learning is a truly open course, or an ‘open magical box’ for those who don’t like the term ‘course’ very much, for students and teachers (nothing is locked away or private and you won’t even need to register) who would like to develop their understanding, knowledge and skills linked to using smart devices for learning and teaching and use these more effectively, inclusively and creatively in a higher education context.


Demonstrate your learning through the week of January 12-16th by tweeting your creations using the #BYOD4L and #txeduchat hashtags!  You can participate by creating BYOD4L app recipes cards, tweeting ideas, blogging about BYOD or 1:1 initiatives in your classroom and more.

Tinker, Make, & Learn CHAT

#TXEDUCHAT 8pm Central

on Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Join @robinwb for Tinker, Make, and Learn



 The Maker Movement is a global community of people who love to make things – all kinds of things . If you make, you are a part of the Maker Movement. But how can you use the ideas from the Maker Movement in your teaching and learning? How can you use maker projects to teach in an authentic way?

Robin Bartoletti, Ph.D. is first and foremost, a Maker who started with sticks and grass at a very young age. She works as elearning instructional designer for the Rural Information Technology Alliance Grant. She is a member of The Online Learning Consortium and is a Maker Mentor. She is experienced in K-12 and university-level education. Prior to working as an instructional designer, she was a faculty member teaching graduate courses in learning technology and information science at Northeastern State University and the University of North Texas. She is a research fellow at The Texas Social Media Research Institute and a Canvas Grants awardee.

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