Digital Literacy with @drshaunamayo

Sunday, March 1 at 8pm Central

Join @drshaunamayo for Digital Literacy

Dr. Shauna Mayo is a Title I Instructional Specialist for an elementary school serving students in grades K-5 in Central Virginia. She is also an online adjunct instructor for Strayer University in their school of education.



Prior to becoming an educator, she spent 21 years serving in the United States Army as a logistic Non-Commissioned Officer, retiring in 2004. She holds an Ed.D. in School Leadership from Regent University located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, an MS in Elementary Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA., and a BS in psychology from the University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, MD. Her research interests include the effects of bullying on the academic success of students, gifted education, and the impact of socio-economics on literacy education. She also enjoys learning about new ways to incorporate technology into education, improving digital literacy, and developing digital citizenship in students and adults. In her spare time, she enjoys reading mysteries.

#TMLOOE and #TxEduChat combine!

 On 2/26 at 8pm Join a Tinker Make and Learn Chat

when #TMLOOE and #TxEduChat combine with

Host: Christina Hendricks

Some general info about Christina



I teach philosophy at a university in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve gotten excited about open education through taking and helping to facilitate some open online courses, including ETMOOC (Educational Technology and Media MOOC), DS106 (digital storytelling), an open online course on open education from the Open University (H817Open), and I’ve been a co-facilitator for a course called “Why Open?” at P2PU and for OOE13 (an edtech MOOC for educators running Sept. 2013-May 2014). It is through my work in DS106 that I’ve gotten most excited about making and sharing things online in a great community. 

I want to learn how to…

I really want to beef up my html skills. I know how to add links and images in html, but that’s about it. Other than that, I am open to learning things that I don’t even know how to ask about right now!

What “making” means to me

No longer only having to consume what others have created, but being able to have more control over the things I interact with, being able to find and use tools to create what I want for the purposes I want, rather than being stuck using what others have made for their own purposes. I want to be able to make things openly and share them openly because what I create could be useful to others in ways I can’t even imagine, and the processes used, the story of how it was done, can sometimes be even more useful than the product. So I try to take the time to document on my blog how I’ve made things, the mistakes, the successes, not only for my own future reminders, but for anyone else who’d like to try.

@2GuysShow hosts #txeduchat

Brad Waid and Drew Minock host #txeduchat

February 22, 2015

Follow them at: https://twitter.com/2GuysShow

Brad Waid is a highly sought after speaker who engages his audience with his passion,Brad Waid humor, mind-blowing demonstrations all while sharing the power of technology and how it can transform the way we learn, teach and lead.  He is an industry leader in Educational Technology and in Augmented Reality.   Brad is an expert in applying technology into the educational field and is on the leading edge of emerging technologies.  He is one of the Co-Founders of AR Detroit, a monthly meet up where industry leaders and visionaries come together to talk about the application and future of Augmented Reality.  Brad is also the Co-Founder of Two Guys and Some iPads blog, an internationally viewed blog from over 120 countries and over 100,000 visitors in the first 4 months of it’s creation.   In addition, he is the Co-Host of the wildly popular  and number one rated “Two Guys Show” on the EdReach Network.  Brad’s knowledge of educational technology and his passion to inspire educational change, makes him a highly sought after speaker who makes an impact where ever he goes.

Follow him at: https://twitter.com/Techbradwaid

Drew is a rising star in the world of educational technology and motivational speaking. Drew MinockDrew is the Co-Founder of the educational blog Two Guys and Some iPads and augmented reality meet up AR Detroit. Minock has launched the popular educational podcast “The Two Guys Show” to inspire educators to reach new heights. Drew is currently serving on the Teacher Advisory Board for edtech startups Remind 101, and Three Ring. He is also currently serving as an educational advisor for Daqri, the world’s leading augmented reality developer who creates educational experiences that allows students to absorb and retain ideas like never before.

Follow him at: https://twitter.com/TechMinock

Learning Beyond Letter Grades

Sunday, February 15th at 8pm Central

Bernard Bull (@bdean1000) hosts #txeduchat

Why do so many schools use letter grades? Where did they come from? What do they tell us and fail to tell us about the learners? What is the relationship between letter grades, student learning, and assessment?

During the chat we will discuss these topics and more. Join Dr. Bernard Bull who taught a Massive Open Online Course on this very topic. Below is the introductory video from that course:

Dr. Bernard Bull currently serves as Assistant Vice President of Academics, working mainly with accelerated learning, and continuing and distance education; Associate



Professor of Education; and Director of the MS in Education – Educational Technology at CUW.  He came to Concordia with experience as a classroom teacher, along with service in a variety of other full-time and part-time capacities: social studies and theology teacher, technology coordinator, department chair, educational technology and online learning consultant, youth director, director of outreach, creative director, and instructional designer. He holds a BA in education, history, and theology; an MA in curriculum and instruction; an MLS (liberal studies); an EdD. in instructional technology, and a certificate in distance learning and teaching from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently working on two additional graduate degrees, one in theology and a second in world history. His research interests include discipleship in the digital age, the philosophy of Christian education, Christian worldview studies, networked learning, formal and informal online learning environments, online and blended communities of practice, peer-to-peer learning, self-directed learning, digital literacy, and digital citizenship.

The Importance of Play with @bedleybros

On February 8th, 2015

#TXEDUCHAT will be hosted by the Bedley Brothers

If you aren’t following them yet on Twitter or a subscriber on their YouTube channel we strongly encourage you to add them to your PLN.

bedley brothers


The topic for Sunday, February 8th’s chat is The Importance of Play.

A little about our hosts – Tim and Scott Bedley (a.k.a. The Bedley Brothers)

Tim comes from a family of educators. His father was selected National Educator of the Year. He has been a classroom teacher for over 25 years and currently teaches a 4/5 class in Lake Elsinore, California. He was recognized as the Lake Elsinore Unified School District 2012 Teacher of the Year and 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the Year. His YouTube channel has over 1900 subscribers and 2 million views. Tim is the co-founder of Edcamp Murrieta. He is co-creating the inaugural 2014 west coast constructavist confernce SCEWL.  Tim is a top selling music artist with his Rockin-The-Standards music that engages kids to learn complex issues in a simple way. Besides teaching, Tim has been a videographer and youth pastor. He and his brother Scott host a weekly education talk show called “The Bedley Brothers.” Tim is a speaker and published author.  You may learn more by visiting Tim’s website TimBedley.com

Scott comes from a family of educators including his father an internationally recognized author and speaker. He is in his 20th year teaching having taught 3,4,5,6 and 9-12 grades. He is the creator of Technology Applied Science Fair a student driven relevant competition focused on having k-12th grade students integrate their passion in the arts with computer science all while solving a real world problem. He was honored to recieve the 2013 OC Tech Aliance/Project Tomorrow’s Innovation Award: High Impact Teacher in STEM. He was named Irvine Unified School District 2013 Teacher of the Year, was recently recognized as 2014 Orange County Teacher of the Year and is one of 11 California State TOY finalists. He is a curriculum author of a character building action based book used in over 7500 schools nation wide by Rachel’s Challenge. He co-created and co-host the Bedley Bros #EdChat Show which has grown to nearly 2000 You Tube channel subscribers in less than a year.  He and Tim bring in innovative educators and authors to share best practices such as Susan Cain, Adam Bellow, Dan Pink, Jon Bergmann and many others.  He loves just hanging with his wife and son and enjoys visiting his brother-in-law in Murphy, Texas.  His brother and dad are his heroes! @TASFair and tasfair.com.

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